Our Team

Burhan Shaikh
Co-Founder, CEO

Burhan Shaikh is a computer science student who is fascinated by computers and their inner workings. He takes crucial decisions that generally shape all the business operations of Utor AI. He is a computer enthusiast who wants to innovate in the domains of machine learning and deep learning.

Sri Pravan Paturi
Co-Founder, Head of R&D

Sri Pravan Paturi is a computer science student who is that jack of all trades who plays a crucial role in giving the organization a direction to work towards. He has a penchant for science and programming. His specific interests include natural language processing and cloud computing.

Tarun Pothulapati
Co-Founder, Head of DevOps

Tarun Pothulapati is a computer science student who loves technology. He plays a crucial role in giving Utor AI the technology that makes it industry ready. His specific interests include, distributed computing and container management systems.

Khalid Roshan
Co-Founder, Head of Design

Khalid Roshan is a computer science student who also comes across as an average bibliophile and movie-buff. His strength lies in his writing, ideating and having a wide view of the world. As the head of design he helps create a digital strategy albeit from the shadows. His intereste in artificial Intelligence and data science in addition to his creative abilities is what brings him to the company.

Shreya Srivastava
Co-Founder, Head of Marketing

Shreya Srivastava is a computer science student and is an active and outgoing member of this company. Her great networking and social skills exhibit her potential as the head of marketing who helps us in effectively marketing our services. Her interests include artificial intelligence and digital marketing.